Whether you are new to the area and want to sample the best of local beers, or just like to support your local breweries, The Plough at Cadsden invites you to ‘Join the Rebellion’, with the award winning Marlow Brewery Beers.


Brewed with exclusively 100% Marris Otter pale ale malt which gives a clean and crisp base. British hops First Gold and Goldings add citrus and floral notes. American Citra hops added to the hopback add a distinct aroma of grapefruit and tropical fruit.

Malt: Maris Otter Pale Ale
Hops: First Gold, Goldings, Citra

IPA (the ‘Original Brew’)

This copper coloured, easy drinking beer with 3.7% strength has well balanced malt and hop flavours which continue to a long, refreshing and clean finish.

Malt: Pale / Crystal / Chocolate
Hop: Fuggles / Goldings / Bobek

Trick Shot

New for April 2021 Be amongst the first to try it! This beer is a very drinkable copper ale. Brewed using a newly released British hop in Godiva (so called because the lack of foliage gives the plant a ‘naked’ appearance). It adds tangerine and gooseberry notes to this very quaffable beer.

Malt: Maris Otter Pale Ale, Munich, Crystal Medium, Crystal T50
Hops: Godiva